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Imatra Sports Innovation

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c/ BIC Gipuzkoa - Edificio Tandem - San Sebastian
20009 San sebastian


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Cash Your Ride

Imatra is a free mobile app that captures your cycling activity and transforms it into a virtual currency you can later trade in for cycling gear and a number of other offerings

Our manifesto:

We are disruptive

We are innovative, Ingenious & Avant-garde.

We embrace evolution and we believe in progress.

We foster creativity and we are passionate for what we do.

We live for the experience of learning every single day __

We are athletes

It’s why we compete and fight for success.

We strive for excellence and continuously raise the bar __

We care for the others, we care for each other

We respect people, our customers, friends, colleagues. We respect their opinions, we listen to their advices.

We welcome opinions and we are open to change for the better __

We believe in the power of the bicycle & sports in general

… as ways to improve the quality of people’s lives and to respect the environment we live in __


Imatra Sports Innovation presenta "Imatra" la app móvil que motiva las personas a andar en bicicleta.

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