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Yes, but… how?

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New Basque Country Startups

Up! Euskadi is creating a portal of reference companies, and startups like yours can appear this space, with your basic data and with extra resources that help to make your business more visible and better known: challenges, future plans or even product images, brand, patents, etc.

  • Reference point for potential investors and customers.
  • Promotion platform: interviews and space in the New Basque Country Startups! newsletter (+10,000 subscribers).
  • Specialized information: instruments for startup launching and growth.
  • Networking with companies and other agents

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and your project will become part of the new Up! Euskadi business portal.

The information you provide will be published here and you will be able to permanently update and modify it according to your project requirements or, if you prefer, write to us and we will do it for you.

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How do we promote your company?

Video or radio interviews, social media, New Basque Country Startups! Newsletter and your own space in Up! Euskadi.

We want to reveal the latest about your business, that new product, a business evolution, an innovative technology … whatever is relevant to you!

Yes, …. but how?

Write to us and we can plan it together!

And, of course, networking means being in contact with other companies, investors and other technologies that can open up markets, help us grow or attract more customers.


  • What requirements does my startup require to join this network?
    It is a network for business projects of an innovative and/or technological nature in the Basque Country.
  • What happens if I complete the application with my data and my business profile does not fit in?
    We can still help you. Don’t hesitate to write to us, because we have other ways to publicize those startups or businesses in other sectors of activity.

Join the Basque startup network

We want you to tell us what your startup is like: who you are, what you do, what your challenges are … It will only take 15 minutes, no more, but you will take advantage of each one of them..

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