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Your best choice to apply Photonic Solutions to all kind of industrial processes.


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Bº Altamira 14 5ºD
48002 Bilbao


Iker García
+34 621004487

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AOTECH is a spin-off company from the University of the Basque Country whose mission is to apply customized photonic solutions to all kind of industrial processes. Currently, our two main areas of activity are aeronautics and food/pharmacy industry. In aeronautics, we are developing a system to measure tip clearance and perform tip timing method to monitor structural health monitoring of blades in turbines and compressors. Whereas in our second area, food/pharmacy industry, we are going to apply NIR spectroscopy sensors to different processes.

AOTECH plans to expand their activities to other sectors such as energy, automotive, metallurgy, chemistry or environment. Examples of projects in the mentioned sectors can be inline monitorization of fuel composition, control of liquid and gas leaks, computer-vision systems for defect detections, inline monitoring of welding process, non-destructive testing of composite structures, control mechanism to detect contaminant spills,…

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In case of the sensor for tip clearance and tip timing measurements the potential clients are aircraft engines and power turbines manufacturers (and those that manufacture only a part of them: fans, compressors or turbines).

The main clients for NIRS sensors are all manufactures of goods that need to control their production process like the following industries: food and beverages, pharmacy, chemical and polymers, cosmetics, animal feed, fuels, …

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